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How to Train a Dog

In boxing training, the natural feelings of your dog are used in animals in the family room. The family room of a mad dog can be the house of the cot, can hide from fear and a family group can stand. Male Dog Names The crate becomes your dog's family, while you know that while you are safe, comfort and loneliness is possible (rather than ruining your home when you are running). The main application for any box is homework because dogs do not allow their barrow to be contaminated. If they see other rules that do not suppress the furniture, then the box can restrict the use of other homes. Boxes are the safest way to drive your pets to the vehicle. Look carefully To improve the general behavior of dogs, a box is not a magic device. Used properly, your dog seems trapped and frustrated. Never use the box as a sentence. Your pet may and may not be afraid. Do not leave your pet too long in the box. Your dog, who bleeds all night and all day, does not exercise or human interaction and may be depressed or worried. You want to improve your schedule, hire pet cats or take your dog to the care center, so how much time they spend in their cracks daily. Young puppies under six weeks old, which are weeks old, should never spend more than 3 to 4 hours in the box. Male Dog Names They can no longer control their bladder and intestines. Adult dogs should be trained in your home. Physically it keeps the adult dog. However, they have no idea that they are for him. Unless you destroy your house, you can make sure that your garbage is only garbage next, it should be a place where they are under your contract. Box selection There are various types of boxes in the market: Plastics (often "Flying Kennel") Fabric, textile on hard frame Collapse Metal Pin Boxes are available in various sizes and can be purchased in most pet shops or pet supply lists. Your client's box must be large enough for you to stand up and move completely. If your dog continues to grow, select the size of the box that fits in the adult size. Add a space for extra boxes so that your dog may not be able to remove one goal and retract the other. Male dog names Can book a local shelter crate. If you rent, you can change the adult size in the right size for the family, if you can buy a durable box. Crate training process Box training can have day, day, age, temperament and previous attacks of your dog. During crate training you need to keep a few things in mind: Crackets should always be linked with some cheaper and training should be done in small wages. Do not go too fast First step: Guide your pet to Crete Put a box in the area of ​​your property where the family spends a lot of time, such as keeping a soft blanket or towel in the family area box. Go ahead and stop the door and let the dog quietly find the box. Some dogs will naturally be bizarre and soon the box will fall asleep. If you do not have one of these: Put it in the box and talk to these happy words. Make sure the box's door is open and make sure there is no effect on your pet and it is not afraid. Encourage your pets to go to the nearest ocean and then in the box at the end, spread some small things. If they are not completely confused at first, then it is good. Throw knives in the box until your pet comes in comfortable box to get food. If you do not think of goodies, throw a popular toy in the box. This work may take a few days or a few days. Second step: Feed your pet food in the box When you take your pet towards the cret, start getting your regular meal near the crate. This can be a pleasant connection to the box made.